Life Couching & Motivational Engagement

The concept of Life Couching and Motivational Engagement is a NEW outlook on how to engage our clients, young and old, focusing on helping them to tap into their inner resources, their self-worth, values and push themselves to achieve their goals and lead more fulfilling lives, overcoming negative influences straining / hampering the growth / expansion of emotional intelligence and positive motivational outlook on life.  It’s important to understand that Life Coaches and Motivational Coaches usually act as role-models / guides for our clients, as Life & motivational engagement coaches understand that real motivation comes from within.

Therefore our clients are guided in the need to self-reflect to search for that long-lost self-worth's motivation, to establish what makes them happy! 

What do we as Life Couches & Motivational coaches (engagers) do?

We encourage people to seek their inner soul, guide to introspection and understand themselves (Objective establishment of "Self-Value"). 

We acknowledge that the latter is usually very challenging, and that is were we can assist in guiding our clients to unlock the deepest self-Value.

We strive through "Life couching and motivational engagement skills" to establish effective: 

  • COMMUNICATION  trough empathy and objective listening.
  • ADVISORY EDUCATION and TEACHINGS to deal with failures and negative influences.
  • TRUSTING MOTIVATIONAL ENGAEMENT with clients ensuring the confidentiality of information.
  • MOTIVATIONAL RELATIONSHIP BUILDING, establishment of TRUST, CONFIDENCE and objective emotional engagement, creating a SAFE, SECURE and HEALTY environment for emotional growth and establishement of "SELF-VALUE"