Facilitation & Major Projects

If you’re planning a major project development in Southern Africa you’ll need to get a range of regulatory approvals. You may need to get approvals from different levels of government – provincial & national.  

Cubic Advisory (SA) can help you navigate your company's approvals process through an innovative facilitation process, employing a robust toolkit for major projects. 

Cubic Advisory (SA) helps developers / business / investors by:

  • facilitation services and providing information on Government regulations and approvals.
  • managing and mapping critical approval pathways and processes for major projects.
  • helping your business to communicate with regulators through an innovative liaison toolkit.
  • monitoring approval milestones for projects, and addressing any issues with the process.
  • managing possible dispute resolution processes, enhancing the achievement in achieving milestones on major project roll-outs.
  • assist through a robust Needs-and Options Analysis toolkit to secure possible Major Projects.
  • development in joint ventures, business agreements, partnerships and possible hybrid business models, with possible PPP Hybrid integration into such major projects.

With experiences in this field, we will guide your business through the process in making a difference in Southern Africa,  by developing innovative Major Project's opportunities and possible large business partnerships.