Creditors Management Services

Cubic Advisory (SA) Credit Management Services (CACMS) has developed an innovative Business Credit Management Facilitation Toolkit (BCFMT) to provide the most effective and innovative service in CMS's. 

We have established an effective innovative business model & toolkit based on recovering our client’s bad debts and minimize their losses.  CACMS employ professional and ethical criteria's to facilitate bad debt and has proven to be a leader in this market segment.

Unfortunately, as always "BAD DEBT" is a term no CEO of any business wants to hear, therefore we at CACMS, a division of Cubic Advisory (SA) focus on delivering the best Credit Management Services to our clients and to present the best possible solution through very professional negotiation, facilitation and litigation models available to our company. Not only do that secure acceptable solutions and Credit Management Solutions, but our clients have peace of mind in terms of loss and profit statistics.

Our team and recourses are tailored to recover our client’s bad debts before it reach a write off stage and achieve a very high recovery rate through innovative solutions. Our statistics prove to have a 94.5% recovery rate, which is exceptional, only to be achieved through the employment of innovative toolkits and models to secure such high rate of recoveries.

Sadly to say, COVID-19 has had an serious effect on this field, however we have also realized that COVID-19 is easily used and an excuse that leads to bad debt. To specifically address this possibility, we have developed a COVID-19 Credit Management Toolkit, which easily provides indicators to our specialists in evaluation all factors during the CMP's.

Trust CACMS with innovative models to secure acceptable outcomes of your Credit management Services portfolio.